İhram Muslim Hac Clothes Types

Bambooc Muslim Hac İhram Clothes

Bambooc Muslim Hac İhram Clothes

Due to the characteristics of the bamboo tree, bamboo products are more preferred. Organic bamboo fi..

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The models of pilgrims and pilgrims, which are frequently preferred in both Umrah and Hajj, have different characteristics and clothing comfort. These models, which can be purchased online and in bulk, can also provide an extra comfort to all buyers while meeting the requirements of the Pilgrimage mission. Ihram products, which have various feature differences among themselves, can also be worn together with various accessories.

 Cotton Ihram Products and Features

Produced with high quality cotton material, the ihram are extremely stylish and protected products. Thanks to its sweat absorbing property, it possesses the qualities that everyone can easily choose. In addition to being hydrophilic, there is also a seamless feature. After completing the necessary steps to order, they are sent to the addresses specified within one or two working days with their special packages. Standard sizes are suitable for Turkey. All general distribution in Turkey in Bursa ihram models that manufacturing is carried out.

 Patterned and Cotton Ihram Models

 In addition to the cotton yarns weighing 1250 grams, the white versions are added to this category. It does not sweat in any way it is worn, and it has the feature of absorbing existing sweats. These models, which can be washed in a practical way in the washing machine, also attract attention with their non-feather properties. Buyers can order the products instantly and online after doing research on the prices of ihram.

 Belt Models that can be used with Ihrams

 White and rubber belts are produced as accessories for ihram products and are sold in the same category. Thanks to its plastic buckle, it has an extremely modern and comfortable application. Each body and waist comfortably adapts when the tire is adjusted manually. Again, the lock setting is available and can be locked in a very comfortable position after the rest. It has a standard size for especially the most demanding ihram models.

Ihram Soaps and Their Properties

The last product that can be evaluated together with the option to buy ihram in the category is ihram soaps. It is delivered to addresses in special boxes. Since the essence is produced without joining, no worship can be used while it is without obstruction. Contains no preservatives.