• Bambooc Muslim Hac İhram Clothes

Due to the characteristics of the bamboo tree, bamboo products are more preferred. Organic bamboo fibers such as socks, T-shirts, boxers, athletes, women's body, towels and bathrobes such as clothing, underwear and home textiles are produced. The tops of organic bamboo are:

- Bamboo fiber obtained from bamboo wood is naturally antibacterial and antiallergic.

- It prevents the growth of yeast and fungi on your skin thanks to its anti-bacterial feature.

- Keeps antibacterial even after washing several times.

- Air permeability feature helps your feet breathe comfortably. It is the perfect deodorant.

- It is soft and light because it is a natural cellulose fiber.

- It doesn't make skin allergies with Kun substance.

- Bamboo fiber is softer than soft cotton.

- Its external appearance and sensation are similar to silk and cashmere.

110cm x 220cm in size

Weighs 1600gr

Special package


do not sweat

Doesn't feather


Manufacture of Bursa

Ihram sizes are all standard in Turkey

Bambooc Muslim Hac İhram Clothes

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